Built on experience, knowledge, and passion Barri Luxury Consulting offers professional business guidance to the modern jewelry world

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  Whether you are an emerging designer, a veteran brand or find yourself somewhere in between, Barri Luxury Consulting offers guidance at any level of your business.

As the founder, I have had the privilege to work with some of the industry’s top jewelry brands and designers, I have a strong understanding of what it means to put your personal stamp on a collection.

Whether it's building a brand strategy, understanding the US jewelry market, shaping strong collections, trade show development, or structuring your overall business we at Barri Luxury Consulting provide passionate guidance with a business perspective.



Retailers whether it be brick and mortar, eCommerce or luxury specialty stores, all have their own unique presence. Traveling across the US throughout my jewelry career has given me fabulous insight into the operations of these jewelry meccas.

Barri Luxury Consulting assists retailers with various objectives such as inventory management, visual merchandising, sales staff training, marketing tools, website analysis, planning and executing in-store events from head to toe and internal operations to name a few.

 I am honored to have built relationships with leaders in the retailer world and bring my broad experience into new partnerships.


Business viewpoint

After years of working on a corporate level with and for top luxury jewelry designers, brands and retailers such as, but not limited to, Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus, D'Amore Jewelers, London Jewelers, Ora by D'Amore, Timepiece Collection, Zaltas Gallery, William Barthman, Kwiat Diamonds and luxury international jeweler de Grisogono, I always found myself vivaciously pushing the growth envelope. With a business degree from Northeastern University and over 20 years of highly diversified and accomplished business management experience in luxury jewelry, I pride myself on intertwining creative business strategies to fit with all of my client objectives. Named after my grandfather Barry who himself was a business pioneer in the printing industry, I founded Barri Luxury Consulting. My goal was to create an platform which offers guidance and support based on knowledge, experience and passion for the jewelry industry. 

My love affair with the jewelry industry started 20 years ago after making my first sale. Ever since then the jewelry industry has been a second family to me

We personalize it

 We at Barri Luxury Consulting use what we call the LAE guide. LISTEN, ANALYZE and EXECUTE. We take pride in listening to our customer’s business needs and objectives. Every client has a personalized approach to their business and so do we. We analyze what the next steps are to reach specific goals through experience and industry knowledge and then are able formulate a personalized action plan. Barri Luxury Consulting offers various levels of consulting, whether it be through hourly sessions or with a more advanced long term partnership we are here for guidance, support and to help you grow.

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