Have you ever found yourself asking the following questions..

•    How do I take my business to the next level?
•    Do I have a strategy?
•    Is the US jewelry wholesale market right for me?
•    Do I have a complete collection?
•    Should I attend a trade show?
•    Does my marketing appeal to the public?
•    Am I utilizing my budget properly?
•    Am I organized?
•    Who is my target market?
•    Does my website appeal to online shoppers?
•    Am I hiring the right sales staff?
•    Does my store have the right inventory?
•    How do I create a successful in-store event?



There are numerous other questions and topics that are frequently asked by emerging jewelry designers, brands and leading retailers. Hiring a experienced visionary outside your current environment brings a breath of fresh insight and provides focus to the goals you want to achieve. 


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