*Representing Wholesale sales, Creative Direction, Tradeshow Development, Public Relations, Focus Merchandising, Trunkshows


*Representing Wholesale sales, Creative Direction, Tradeshow Development, Public Relations, Focus Merchandising, Trunkshows


Represented Wholesale Sales, Creative Marketing, Brand & Tradeshow Development, Public Relations, Trunkshows


Represented Wholesale Sales, Launched the brand in the US, US Public Relations, Client Development, Brand Promotion


Creative Direction, Brand Strategy, Visual Marketing

Jackie is fine tuning my brand with her kindness, generosity of knowledge and enthusiasm. with her support and insight 100PercentBeads continues to evolve and grow.
- Owner Pamela Moskowitz

Brand Strategy, Creative Direction, Business Plan Development

Working with Jackie is like taking a workout class from a really great instructor. She brings the fun and moves, and lets you implement them to achieve the results! Her long career in the indsury allows her to cut through the fluff and get to the point of what you need to do in order to elevate your brand. She is incredibly thorough, kind and knowledgeable. I consider myself very lucky to have her as a resource!
— Designer Natalie McMillan

Brand Anaylsis, E-commerce Review and Strategy, Brand Marketing

Prepare to take a lot of notes when you meet with Jackie! From the bigger picture strategy, to the details of your e-commerce site, Jackie will give you direct and candid feedback that you can start using right away. She draws from her experience at big companies and working with small businesses so no matter where you are in your journey, Jackie will help. She has a unique perspective on the industry and understands how your business can grow and change. I can’t recommend her enough!
— Designer Lauren Priori

Brand Analysis, Collection Development, Brand Strategy

Based on Jackie’s experience and knowledge, she was well-equipped to provide Hestia Jewels industry feedback into further building our brand direction. We worked together seamlessly and inclusively and delved into our strategies by providing valuable insight which can assist us in defining our design DNA and overall message. We would recommend her positive approach and consulting within the industry.
— Owner Yasemin Mutlu

Overall Business Strategy and Guidance, Collection Analysis

Jackie is a great advocate for jewelry designers- her positive energy and industry insight are an inspiration along. She is a joy to work with!-
— Designers Patrick Nelison and Mark Kay Mohs

Tradeshow Development, Jewelry Branding and Styling, Brand Marketing

Jackie is such a pleasure to work with. Her knowledge of the industry was invaluable
— Owner Caryn Karotkin

Custom Brand Styling, Creative Brand Direction, Social Media Styling & Direction, Strategic Planning & Development

“Emerging designers take note- working with Jackie was one of the best and most impactful decision I have made since I started down the path of making and selling jewelry. With just a couple of pointed conversations, and some of Jackie’s invaluable advise, I was able to zero- in on the right brand identity for Gemdrop. Which in just a few short months led to a multiplying effect on my audience, my sales and the overall momentum of my business. I don’t have enough superlatives to describe what Jackie brings to the table, but I will say this... her patience and kindness is evident in every thoughtful comment she makes; most importantly, her passion for helping designers at all stages of the business is self-evident!
— Founder and Designer Adria

Pre Tradeshow Organization, Strategy, Creative Brand Styling

As an emerging designer, working with Jackie was invaluable to me. She graciously passed on her extensive knowledge of the business side of the jewelry industry, helped me to get clear about my brand identity as well as organizing my business goals and she even gave me great ideas for how to display my work! Working with Jackie has helped me to elevate and grow my business and I’m very thankful to have her in my corner
— Designer and owner of Jessica -J.Noelle Jewelry

Overall Business Strategies and Guidance, Tradeshow Prep

Experience is everything and Jackie has it. It was a pleasure working with her
— Designer Ashley Childs

Collection development and analysis, Guidance, Strategies

“ Jackie is super talented and knowledgeable., Always great to work with her.”
— Designer & Owner Candace

Business Management, Strategic Planning, Creative Marketing

Jackie is well versed in the industry. Her rapport with clients comes through on every interaction. She was very astute as assessing the challenges facing my business and has been helping implement a plan to create success both professionally and financially. She is through and sincere in her work with me. I appreciate her diverse knowledge and expertise.
— Owner & Designer Stacy King

Branding Strategy, Business Management, Product Development, Website Formatting

Working with Jackie was very rewarding and an amazing experience. From our very first conversation, I felt a natural connection with her and knew that I had placed my business in the right hands. Building upon her years of experience, she was able to quickly identify my business goals and layout a plan for implementation. Under Jackie’s guidance and genuine approach, I feel more confident moving forward with my jewelry brand.
— Owner Jennifer DeMoro

-Melissa Spalten

Branding Strategy, Creative Concepts, Merchandising,Trunkshows, Sales Development, Marketing

-Kitt Shapiro

Business Strategy, Collection Analysis, Developed Personalized Selling Concepts 

Working with Jackie has been a pleasure. Her knowledge and experience is invaluable whether it be defining your brand vision or negotiating marketing trends. She is tunes in to your needs and helps direct you towards your goals. So helpful having an industry insider on your team!
— Sig Ward- Owner of Rock and Gems Jewelry


Creative marketing and direction, Business strategy, Product development

Jackie is really smart, honest, patient, and kind-
a rare combination. When I wanted to learn jewelry making, I went to the best teachers. When I wanted to learn the jewelry business, I sought the best as well. Working with Jackie gives me confidence, knowing that I will reach my goals. I couldn’t do it without her.
— DK Meyers

Business organization and strategy, Retailer review

Jackie is an absolute pleasure to work with! She is not only incredibly organzied and very attentive, she is patient and kind as well. It is evident that her years of experience in the indsutry have given her invaluable insight and unique strategy, both of which have already greatly impacted my brand.
— Ilana Sarna- Owner and designer of Ilana Ariel Jewelry

Retailer placement, Public relations, Tradeshow Development



Business management, Creative marketing, Retailer placement, Tradeshow development, Public relations

Jackie brings a wealth of industry experience to the table and asks the right questions. She fully understood our business and our mission statement before offering counsel. She has given us solid advice, which is moving us closer to our goals. With Jackie’s guidance, we found our direction. Jackie is a business owner’s dream and we are excited to have her on our team!
— Terry Snider, Designer and Founder

Custom business strategy, Retailer placement, Social media, Creative marketing concepts, Tradeshow development, Pubic relations


Creative business strategy, Merchandising

Jackie brings light, clarity and wisdom to a world often saturated by static noise. Her profound sense of what to feature front and center, has helped me learn to prioritize my true strengths of my business. Pure genius only begins to highlight what this lady has to offer.
— Designer Jessie Kass J. Weber Jewelry

Luxury Event Planning- Patek Philippe 175 year Anniversary party

Drawing from her luxury experience I knew my event was going to be outstanding. Jackie was able to put together a great event with one of my top watch brands from start to finish.
— John D'Amore

Trade show development, Selling strategy, Merchandising

“Jackie brings her expertise from years of experience in the high end jewelry business.
Her observations are insightful and helpful. She was able to look at our processes with a
fresh set of eyes.”
— Owner Dave Rubin

Branding strategy, collection analysis, creative marketing, merchandising, retailer placement, creative direction, tradeshow development, public relations, social media

“Jackie is a delight to work with. Amongst many other things, her vast knowledge
and understanding from prior experience in the industry makes her a valuable asset to
our team.”
— Designer Laura Medine

Creative Marketing, Merchandising

I just love working with Jackie and so does our media specialist Rebecca Zaltas! She helped us with a marketing project that was difficult to get off the ground. Her imagination and research were spot-on!
Jackie understood what I wanted almost immediately and worked at it till we got it right! This campaign has been a big success!
— Owner Kathy Zaltas
BLC helped us to expand our local customer base by participating in fundraising events, partnerships with other local boutiques, and unique marketing strategies.
— Lauren D'Amore

Business Strategy, Promotional and Creative marketing